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Bob Protrait - taken by my daughter a couple of years ago.

Bob Portrait - taken by my daughter a couple of years ago.



Let me take a quick moment to greet you with a photo of me taken a couple of years ago by my daughter. Yes, I do have a newer photo. I took it myself using my iPhone. Why have I not uploaded it instead of this older one taken with my Nikon D50 dSLR, you ask? Well, that is a bit of a story.


I have been using Apple Macs since the late eighties, however, I seldom own a new product and am currently using an old Mac G4 from around 2001 or 2. It is the OS that is actually the problem here. My OS is so old (OS X 10.3.9) that I can’t run a version of iTunes new enough to recognize my iPhone. I do plan to remedy this in the near future though. I am just hoping that there will be a refresh of the MacBook Pro line in the coming weeks.


Now for a word about WordPress. I have had WP running on my G4 for a few years and have been playing around with it. There were a couple of problems with my experiments. The first, if you have been paying attention, is the age of my computer system. It just can’t cut it, especially since I use the computer for other activities. The other problem is the lack of a dedicated IP address. I can get one, but, it costs money and I have been avoiding expenses with my projects. This has resulted in a couple of other problems. Without a static IP, visitors had to come via another web page since the IP could change occasionally, and did! Resetting the IP for WordPress is a bit more difficult than for other content management systems (CMSs) I have been running and involves digging in to the mySQL database.

Well, here we are, taking advantage of the hospitality of the wonderful folks at WordPress by using a free account to host the rebirth of myBobLog. I hope I can find at least a few things to write about that might be of interest to you.


More about my interests and activities. Then, I shall begin building on some topics of deeper interest.

Please tune in again.