So, the Fall season came this week and with it the realization that there is a new routine to find. There have been many changes over the past weeks and months, and so I ask, ‘now what?’

The spring and summer were absolutely consumed by our purchase and move to a brand new townhouse. Plenty to do and plenty of stress, particularly since much of our furniture we obtained from family and, thus, had some attachment to. Well, one can’t get much for furniture these days, even with months of listings on Craigslists and Kijiji. It is hard to believe just how much stuff one can accumulate. Stuff seemed to come out of the woodwork. This led to garage sale after garage sale and trip after trip to the Salvation Army. Still, after all that decluttering work, we ended up taking more than we need. Now, we need shelves and organization to get things in order. Then, by a miracle or two, we may be able to get our cars in the garage.

That’s is not all that we have been going through. Michelle graduated from high school and has headed off to the University of British Columbia Okanagan. Well, any of you that have gone through this may have some idea of the strains.

In an effort to keep things brief, this brings me to my writing this afternoon. It is certainly a different time for all of us. How does one get a 15 year-old guy off the computer and out of his room. He does play soccer and his team is great this year. At last nights game, a man came up to me to ask what age group this was. Then he asked what level and I told him silver 1. “Oh, I thought it was metro [a much higher level], the playing is so good.” Yes, hard play, the kind folks pay money to watch. And then there were fights and the parents from the other team got really sore. But, Malcolm’s team persevered and won 2-0 over a team that has scored 14 goals in it’s first two games of the year. Yup, I think they were sore. Malcolm’s team has a tie and two wins this year. Off to a great start!

I just finished a very long chat [Skype] with Michelle. She sure has much to work out. Everything from food and sleep to focusing on work, she has many changes to deal with. It is taking me time to get used to our new home. Then there was the accident.

Yup, just about four weeks ago, I was painting the exterior edge of someone’s deck, when the next thing I knew, I was tumbling head over heels down the embankment toward the creek. I could feel the paint (a solid stain actually) getting all over me. I really had to dig in hard to stop. Then getting up this hill I have struggled with many times while working on it, I had to dig my already scrapped and scratched knees and legs into the bushes, shrubs, prickles, trees, stumps, rocks and dirt to get up the hill. I noticed that the paint can had continued to tumble further down the hill, leaving a grey-blue trail, but, I still had the brush in my hand. I made it up the hill only to find the ladder precariously perched half on the path and half on the rocks and dirt at the edge of the hill just where I had put it. I had a cold that day and I guess my judgement was off a bit, because I am usually very careful with ladders. Come to think of it, I have taken a few risks before, but, I have never had an accident though.

As you can guess, I was quite shaken, however, I cleaned up and headed off to do some more work. I think I rested for a day, but, continued with activities. As my other wounds heals with diminishing pain, I began to realize that my ribs were still very sore and I could not move well. Thus, on the Friday after the Monday accident, I headed off to the doctor who promptly order X-rays. This errand I was not able to do until Monday, a full week after the accident.

So with two fully broken ribs confirmed, I am laid-up for 4 to 6 weeks. I am taking this time to ponder my life and what I might do next. It is a slow and arduous process for me. One good thing is that my daughter went off to university, but, not before buying a new MacBook Pro and leaving her old one for her mother and I. With my my old Mac G4 Quicksilver nearing 10 years in age and my wife note really a computer user yet, this is certainly welcome.

Well, it has now been 4 weeks [tomorrow] and I am getting to the point where I can do a few things. Someone said it would be three weeks until I would start to feel better. The first week and a half was the worst. I am getting a bit of, I can’t think of the word, but, desire to do things.