The great human transition of the twentieth century


This is going to be only a mildly controlled rambling of thoughts, ideas and notions. Notions about change have always interested me. It is, as you might suspect, a rather broad topic and I hardly know where to start or how to get thoughts out in any sort of order. What I do know is that humanity is in a position hardly imaginable only several decades ago when I was growing up. I sometimes feel that we are nearing a pinnacle in the history of the Earth and I wonder who is paying attention to what is happening.

Here is my position, if I have any particular one. ‘Fitting in’ is not something that I seem capable of and it is occurring to me, as I write here, this struggle may actually be a feature that gives me a unique perspective.

If art can be said to reflect the culture of the times then my views are informed by more than the experiences of my own lifetime and generation. Music is a universal language that can speak to anyone. In my youth, I always showed an interest in and some abilities in music. My mother made sure I listened to the classics to know what good music is. I never really took to the music of my own generation—music that had exploded into the world, roughly the very year I was born. Yet, I was immersed in it, to a degree, just by living my life at the time. My parents always had a variety of recordings on the shelf and one day I discovered big band swing music.

It was during my grade twelve year, a time when youth are normally seeking their own path and identity. My generation had been breaking away from their parents and I found myself seeking to listen to and learn about the music of the 1920s, 30s and 40s, that of my parents and grandparents.

Becoming a record collector, I saturated myself in this music, excluding all other types and spent all my time and money on the music and booze, literally dropping out of my own generation and living in another world and another time.

Well, I have been back for nearly a few decades now watching the world change and, I guess, I have just explained what might be propelling me to write the following blog.

I began a few nights ago simply writing. Then I thought it would be an interesting entry in my only slighly meaningful blog that I have been trying to write, in one incarnation or another, for years. Suddenly, a couple of nights later, I discovered that I was writing about nearly every aspect of humanity and the piece was growing beyond a single post. So, I began to divide it up into parts. As I did so, other topics came to mind that I wanted to include. More are coming to mind every day. I have stopped keeping a list and am hoping that they will surface eventually.

Then I turned on the television and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) was running a documentary, Surviving the Future, discussing some of the very ideas I am writing about and much more. Now, I have always been interested in science and have watched dozens, even hundreds, of shows. This one is another very good one.

They say you should write about what you know, so, that is just what this is going to be—my ideas, thoughts, knowledge and notions. It will be what I notice about this world and the essence of what prompts me to question the way we are and where we are going. I don’t expect I will come up with anything profound or new. I just hope to get you to think. Please jump in with your comments or any questions you have.

One last note before I get started. This may be a bit sporadic, not the content necessarily, but, the timing of my postings. Just bear with me. I have to write and then edit, then, I usually leave my writing for a day or so and come back to read it and edit again. I often catch things that I might miss if I do it all in one sitting.

So, subscribe and tune in for Part 1 (it is ready for second edit and coming soon)