OK, Halloween will be over in an hour, and I have been thinking about it all week. People have been talking about it and preparing for it for weeks. I think I even remember seeing costumes, decorations and candy in stores during the last week of August. In fact, Halloween expenditures are rivaling Christmas.

On the radio, I heard folks rave about how nice is was to see the tombstones, body parts and other dark paraphernalia all around the community. One person commented on how Halloween is the safest night of the year for kids to be out on the streets and such a wonderful time of community.

Well, I’m not quite sure I get it. I wonder just how whacky the world has become. We’re not talking peace on Earth, good will to all men. This is the glorification of just about everything bad and evil in the world. I saw a toy chainsaw with fake blood splattered all over it. As far as safe, I played with firecrackers and fireworks when I was young and did some dangerous activities. Gladly, I was never hurt, but, some people do get hurt by these and other activities, even malicious ones.

Halloween is celebrated by people who, I’m sure, have never really read about, or really considered, the origins and what it really means. They just think it is just fun. Well, much of the evil is actually practiced in the world, either in the past or the present. Why would someone want to glorify it and think it is fun? Children are even rewarded with candy, a usually restricted substance other times of the year. We all know that mounds of candy isn’t healthy. I don’t get it.

Now, I realize that not everyone dresses up as something that portrays evil. We did have a couple of cute bumble bees at the door tonight and that really is fun, but, the predominance of the wicked really does overwhelm whatever goodness can be found in Halloween. So, I still don’t get it!

Here is the Wkipeadia entry for Halloween. I challenge you to do further reading. Make sure you dig beneath the sugar coatings of Halloween to find the real meanings. Should we look at changing the way we celebrate Halloween? Halloween, as it turns out, is another celebration that has it’s roots in both pagan and Christian beliefs. Just like Christmas, but, that is another matter.