This is another tidbit of learning in my on-going saga with my home theater system. I no sooner get sort of used to HDMI (High Definition Media Interface) and a longer cable to feed through the wall to the TV, and now I am faced with more connection issues. I have a Samsung combination DVD and VHS player. I have always wondered about all the connectivity on the back. Well, it is clearer now.

There are several ways to connect up this unit. One is by coaxial cable. The other two are composite and component video. Composite is the most common and the one I have used before. It is a single yellow RCA jack. Component turned out to be something new for me and learning about it helped answer my questions about what all the jacks are on the back. Component video breaks down the video signal into it’s three luminescence components. There are three wires, colored yellow, red and blue.

I was learning this from the Samsung manual. So, I made all the connections. Now, an important point here is that I want the signal to go to my audio system where it will be converted and sent to the TV through the HDMI cable. The DVD worked, but, no VHS. As I studied the illustration in the manual, I noticed that component video does not work on the VHS side of the unit. Careful reading further confirmed this.

So, I went to the store to ask about the new problem. The suggestion was to run the coaxial cable through the unit before going to the TV. I’ll let you know.

I’m going to get around to writing something about all my travails of setting up my home theater. Have a look around for it. I’m not sure yet what category I will put it in.