My wife made a chocolate cheesecake for my son’s 16th birthday and required whipping cream for the sauce and as a topping. Yesterday she grabbed some and then made the sauce. Today, she went to whip the rest for a topping. After a few minutes, she remarked, “this isn’t whipping.” Finally, she said, “I wonder, maybe this isn’t whip cream?” I looked in the garbage and, sure enough, she had bought half and half. So, off for a walk to the store I went. But, before I went, she hummed and hawed about wether to do it, stating that I would have to whip it, but, changed her mind concluding that I would put extra sugar in it.

On the way, I was thinking about people who try to make a dessert, or other food item, with less than the required amount of certain substances, such as sugar. I make whipped cream the way my mother taught me—a bit of icing sugar and a small bit of vanilla. My wife would only use a reduced amount of sugar and I always contended that the result tasted like fluff.

With all the warnings about eating too much sugar, salt, and other ingredients, why would one want to dumb down the taste and experience of a special occasion food item? I say, as long as you are not eating it every day, once in a while, you should enjoy the full experience without worries. I agree that one should keep an eye on daily usage of these ingredients, but, sometimes you should just do it right.

OK, I do have a bit of a sweet tooth. I like full tasting foods, however, usually, I just eat what is put in front of me and that might include broccoli without butter. I do add a bit of salt though.

This is on my mind and is just off the top of my head.