They pop up just when you are excited about a new service you are signing up for or joining or software you are installing and it just seems like the wrong time. Agreement windows spoil the whole moment of experiencing something new on your computer.

They all do it, Google, Apple, every service and software provider, big and small, and I’m not even going to get into banks and credit cards. I think the one for iTunes is something like 52 pages. Now, who has the time to read something like that. Usually, one simply can’t wait to get on with things.

I have tried to read more than one of these. I begin, read a few paragraphs, start skipping, then scanning, then I give up. They are simply too long. What is the point when the agreement was written by lawyers and can’t be understood by the average person anyway. Obviously, they knew nobody would read all the pages and, of course, they favor, provider and not the customer.

Occasionally, you hear of someone who does actually read these agreements, but, in my mind, given the time of anticipation, I wonder if this is even rude?

So, just how much could these agreements be condensed?