Well, we have been able to watch quite a few movies lately on our new TV. Tonight, we watched one called Avalon. A man immigrated to America in 1914 and by the 1940s he has an extended family and kids. The family enjoys family businesses, holiday get-to-gethers—they support each other through all of life’s issues.

I really enjoyed all the old vintage cars, even though they always looked too clean, in fact, everything looked really authentic, from the clothes to the buildings. Prior to Avalon, we watched The Way We Were through which I was confused over the hair styles, cars, clothes, etc.

Back to Avalon. An aspect of the movie that I found very interesting was how the TV fragmented the families. As soon as the TV entered society, it began to change lives. Two cousins started a store to sell TVs and kept expanding all through the movie. The TV seemed to always be on and by the end of the movie, the TV was a main focus of life. The families were split apart, fragmented. Rather interesting!