Today, was my second turkey BBQ. I wanted to practice for doing the Christmas birdie. My concern was that the colder outdoor temperature might extend the cooking time. My BBQ rotisserie burner is more than hot enough. Last time, I found that the turkey could shift and become unbalanced on the spit, thus, causing the rotisserie motor to strain unable to to turn the turkey, even with the counterbalance installed. My last birdie got an extra toasting on one side because I did not catch the problem immediately. So, this time, I wanted to try to get the balance better, right from the start.

Today, I was also installing a shelving system in my garage, so, I was running up and down the stairs. The rotisserie got stuck several times. In fact, the drive gear in the motor stripped, so, the cooking finished up in the oven. I took a fast trip to Rona and Canadian Tire to fine a new motor. I’m still looking.

Now, I am on the hunt for a new, more powerful motor. As for tonight’s dinner turkey, one side was over-done, the other was under-done. We actually enjoyed some of the crispy parts. It was still yummy.