We are having a bit of a time with our Christmas tree this year. For 17, or so, years, we have been using a fake tree. It was nice and we always had a great assortment of decorations, adding a couple every year, thanks to grandma, until it became really loaded in recent years. This year, we are in a new home and think the kids should have a real tree.

When we first got married, we were living in a small suite. So, we got a small living tree. Bruce the Spruce, or Brucy for short, was with us for a while. When the kids came along, we moved and got a larger tree, but, not real. This year would be the year of the real tree and we liked to idea of trying one that we could use for a couple of years and then plant in the wild.

We picked out one at Whole Foods, a living one in a pot, and put a hold on it for 24 hours. Somehow my wifey managed to get that extended to nearly a week. When we finally went to pick it up, it was gone. After looking over all the other trees, she said that she was sad because she had settled on that one and could not find one like it. The fellow, now sorry for our predicament, offered to sell us any tree for the same price. We found a wonderful Norway Spruce and the guy loaded it in our Honda Fit. Off we drove, very pleased.

It was a task getting it out of the car and up the stairs into the living room. A four foot tree in a pot, is heavy. For the next couple of days, I checked the soil to make sure it was not drying out. By Friday, I decided that it was indeed getting a bit dry and poured in two mugs of water from my tea mug. Perhaps I was a bit late, because last night we attempted to put the lights on and found that the needles were dropping off like snow. We were so upset, as we had grown fond of this $70 shaped tree we got for $35. Whole Foods are really good, and have said we can return the tree. We have not decided what to do.

O Christmas Tree, O Living Norway Spruce Christmas Tree…
What are we to do, what will become of you?