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Here is a quick one to wish you all a Happy New Year. Nothing very spectacular for us here. I cleaned the house today. Patti tried to invite some people over, but, everyone was busy. Malcolm was working up the mountain until around 9:30, Michelle kicked up a fuss about not having a party to go to. I BBQ’d steaks, shrimps and baked potatoes. I enjoyed all the food and munchies we had around and tried to watch movies while the women folk carried on. I picked up Malcolm from the Seymour shuttle bus. Patti took Michelle to a party and is now at Canyon Heights Church. I have been polishing off the eggnog (san rum, of course). Malcolm and I watched them blow-up the Seattle Space Needle on TV. Now, Malcolm is watching the Dick Clark New Years program—no Dick Clark. I have to go pick-up Michelle. Just another quiet New Years—nice.

Editing note: Patti picked up Michelle on her way home. Malcolm has gone to bed and so go I, unless I get stuck watching another ‘Awnowld’ movie (we enjoyed True Lies, now it is Junior). Good night.

Just a note about News Years Day evening. We will be at Grandma Axford’s for pizza. So, that is settled.

Happy New Year!!!