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It happens to all of us, we gain momentum on a project and then that momentum wains. Thus, it seems, is the case here with myBobLog. I was getting along pretty well for a while, even got some entries in during the holidays. Lately, I’ve fallen to the doldrums of the post Christmas winter season. This is a common trait in these sorts of projects for me. I state now, it is time to get back to it.

My attention has not simply been lagging in the ether of time. No, I have been somewhat occupied with my letterpress notions, whatever they turn out to be, and that may actually be to run a test. If you have not already, please find and read my entry with the letterpress pictures. I set out to find and observe a Heidelberg Windmill in action. Now, I may be in a little deeper, so stay tuned to find out what happens.

Now, I shall seek out a couple of entries I started recently. As usual, it will all be off the top of my head with little or no research. If I do research on a topic, I will reference, or at least mention, my sources, as I have in my journalism and academic writing.