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21 years and still going…

Last year was our 20th anniversary. I suppose it was not that memorable because my wifey has told me that we ended up at IKEA and when we got out, it was too late to do anything. Thus, we went home and had pasta, easy and my favourite, of course. All I can remember about last year is how busy we were getting settled in our new townhouse.

I think we just might remember this year, not for it being eventful, but, for how smooth the night went. My wife had decided that we should go to the Dockside restaurant on Granville Island. After a day of getting nearly nowhere, I rushed home and got ready three minutes before the 5:30 agreed upon departure time. There was a football game to start soon, yet, we decided to head across the bridge, straight toward the stadium. It was rush hour yet the traffic presented no problems, landing us at Granville Island with a parking spot only yards from the restaurant. We had time to walk around and visit the market.



How do they get those cherries to like that?

At our Dockside dinner we sat outside. Several fire pits provided ambience and warmth, as did the additional heaters. They even provided white blankets for those who caught the evening harbour breeze. We had two very fine dinners and watched the sun set on the harbour.






Not knowing exactly when the football game was to end, we took a chance and headed toward the bridge came across earlier and the potential traffic jam. On the way we stopped on Commercial Drive for a couple of double scoopers of gelato on Commercial Drive. What do you know, another great parking spot.

We missed the traffic from the game, although the cop car was ready with lights blazing, blocking a lane, ready to empty the parking lot. Not a bad evening at all, and, thanks to coupons, the night came in at under $50 including tips and taxes.

I have a few more photos I’ll post on my new photobog.