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I stumbled upon another great CBC Radio program. I am already addicted to The Vinyl Cafe (Apple’s best podcast of the year). This one, Day6 seems really interesting. There were a few topics, however, let me mention one. They were talking about the recently released movie called The Adventures of Tintin, a computer animated presentation of the famous comic book character from yeas gone by. The animation is so realistic that it seems creepy and this is what is not referred to as the Uncanny Valley.

Here is the explanation. One may create something that is 95 percent accurate or realistic and people will be fine with it, however, make it 96 percent and it becomes so real it is creepy or uncanny—it enters the Uncanny Valley. The percentages are for example only, I’m sure. Check out the refs below and be sure to watch the video of Marcel the Shell. It’s not the animation that is uncanny, it’s the voice. Now go explore! And check out the many other wonderful CBC programs and podcasts.

Refs for further reading & exploration:
Vinyl Cafe