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An unconfirmed report came from my daughter yesterday that she bought POG at a Real Canadian Supterstore. My daughter is living in Kelowna, BC and accompanied the family for a Christmas in Kauai where we discovered POG. POG is a combination of passionfruit, orange and guava juices, hence the name POG. The juice has become a sort of official drink of Hawaii. I was surprised to discover, after reading Wikipedia, that the commercial version contains a large amount of sugar and is therefore not as healthy as it seems.

Today, I visited the Superstore, a little over a block away from our house in North Vancouver, and indeed found a variety of juices in the refridgerated produce section from a company called Bolthouse. In no time I located a juice that listed passionfruit, orange and guava juices and a description that it was a Hawaiian style juice. When I read the ingredients it listed apple and grape juices before the tropical juices. The last one is beet juice. I guessed that these other juices were for sweetness, to eliminate the need for added sugar, and that was fine with me.

After dinner tonight, we cracked one open for a taste. It did indeed have to tropical taste and seemed very close to the POG juice is had in Kauai. I should note that I did order POG everywhere we went and I presume that not all was of the heavily sweetened commercial origin. As I was cleaning up after dinner, a few minutes later, I noticed that it did make me feel good, just like the POG I had in Kauai.

To me, POG has a unique taste and makes one feel nice. I’m not sure why it makes me feel good, but, it is nice to know that I can buy it here. I still plan to try mixing it myself using separately purchased juices. I suspect that I may have to experiment, particularly with finding something natural to use as a sweetener.

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