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These days there are a growing number of bid websites where, they claim, you can bid, perhaps, pennies to by expensive items for a fraction of their usual price. These are sometimes called penny auctions, however, one bids, one must pay careful attention to how they work.

When you sign up, you buy your bids, that’s right, you pay ahead. Next, you find something you would like to bid on and start bidding. You watch the timer and as the seconds tick down, you can keep placing bids. There may be quite a few people bidding all at the same time. In fact, more than one person may bid in the same millisecond, according to one complaint I read. Of course, the final seconds of countdown won’t start until the website has made enough money to cover the item.

These websites must be extremely successful, since there are more and more of them popping up. They even advertise on T.V. They seem legitimate, however, I don’t think a real auction site would charge you money in advance. Sure, you may win a bid, but, how many will you lose.

Before you get involved, Google the name of the bid site and then the word scam. I have not tried any of these websites and am writing this to encourage you to check first, as I did. I am also not going to include a list as you can easily find them yourself.

Bidder beware!