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It is here, for now anyway. Summer has been lurking around the corner for some time now. Currently, the temperature is just right for me, low to mid-twenties, however, it is due to rise to the high twenties in the next few days. I may get a bit uncomfortable.

The other day, my wife and I did manage to get in a bike ride. Quite a long one, for us oldies, late fifties to early sixties and not too experienced. We rode to a beach, Cates Park and then to Deep Cove. After a very cold slushy type drink, we came back on the busy street, Mount Seymour Parkway. Actually, a highway. I lost control and crashed, landing on the pavement with my bike on top of me. After my wife helped me up, I went and sat at a bus stop. A young couple saw my spill and circled around. They offered me a ride, taking my bike in the back or their truck. Many thanks again to these kind folks.

I had some obvious wounds and plenty of pain. My worry in the hours to follow was for my ribs that began to cause me pain as they did a few years ago when I broke two of them. I have been laying low resting and now, after seeing the doctor and getting a pain pill prescription and an X-ray order, I now feel much better and really have most pain coming from the bruises that have emerged. What a relief! Broken ribs take two to three weeks to feel any relief and over six weeks to heal.

Well, I have been plenty busy over the months of mostly silence here. I’ve been to Kelowna to visit my daughter, among other activities. I won’t bother you with it all, but shall attempt to find some interesting entries to write. One has been on my mind for months, perhaps interfering with my other ideas. One day soon, it will come together.