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The other day, when I was waiting around in the mall, it suddenly dawned on me that there were many people stopping to peck on their particular digital device. Most malls have some sort of rest area with sitting accommodations. What I noticed is that most of the people who had stopped to rest, some were still walking, were pecking away on a tiny screen. So many, in fact, that it made me think and wonder. What would we have thought of this ten, twenty, or thirty years ago?

The mall was crowed, or at least busy, and outside was a truly nice day. A day most people were wondering wether it would ever come this year where summer seems to have taken it’s time in arriving. Instead of taking and meeting or, shopping quickly and then getting out in the sun, people seemed to be lingering and completely absorbed by their hand-held technology. And, of course, many were cutting the world out with ear buds in their ears to listen to music.

So, what do you think? What would you have thought about these curious observances many years ago? Think back as far as you can and then imagine you suddenly stepped into this scene, or a similar one. Think of other scenes or situations that might be worth considering. This might not be a bad exercise to embark on frequently to get a grasp of how our world is changing.