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O.K., I admit it, we, my family, cover both spectrums. Recently, I was looking out over a parking lot of automobiles, one of upper middle class, even well off, owners. I was struck by the number of vehicles lacking color. For years, I have been aware of the fact that silver is the most popular color for a car. My vow was to never buy a silver car. I did, well the official color name is Platinum Silver, however, silver none the less.

The next car I purchased, our second car, turned out to be bright metallic orange. This one is easily spotted in a parking lot, usually a sea of mostly silver, white and black—what I noticed when looking at the said parking lot. I think black might now be the most popular color.

Has our society become car color prejudice? Why are there so few cars of color?

I wonder if customers have driven this colour preference or has the automobile industry decided that producing and stocking a variety of colors is not economical? Or, is there another reason?

Cars used to be a possession that stated something about you. Perhaps it still does. Perhaps our lives are lacking color. Maybe it is just our need to have it now, the one on the lot, not interested in waiting for an order to be filled, that makes us settle for a no color car.