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Every few months I get a notice from my cable supplier that they are offering a deal on cable services. I don’t subscribe to cable TV, however, I do subscribe to their Internet service. For some reason, we get quite a few TV channels that seem to come automatically with the Internet service. It seemed strange when I discovered them, but I gladly accept them. When we moved a couple of years ago, I mentioned it to the service person and he did not know why this was happening. These are enough channels for us. If I had more, I might not ever be able to turn the TV off. I would also be overwhelmed in try to decide what to watch.

Back to my feelings of being insulted by the offers. According to the cable supplier, half price (50 percent) for the first six months is a good deal. I don’t think so. If I pay 50 percent for six months, that is 25 percent percent off for the year. If I choose to keep the cable subscription for two years, the savings is 12.5 percent. It is altogether likely that I might keep the subscription for even ten years. Over ten years, the deal savings drops to 2.5 percent. Even expensive camera equipment can be had for a better deal.

This is even worse than department stores that post signs of 50 percent off (that is, buy one and get a second for 50 percent off). Well, that is only 25 percent off and I have to buy twice as much as I want. I can get other deals of 30 to 40 percent off. Who do they think they are fooling?

Am I right?