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Are you like me. Summer is a time of becoming a bit lighter on the inside and a bit darker on the outside. Meaning, I seem to lose a bit of weight as summer approaches. By the time mid-winter rolls around, I find myself somewhat heavier. Winter has a sneaky way of achieving this.

First, we have a few large celebratory meals to navigate through, sometimes called turkey time. It can be daunting, as often, even if you only want a taste of each dish served, there can be so many, that your plate can fill fast. Then, you may wish to have a bit more of those dishes you really liked. Then there are the desserts, perhaps two or three, or more. No wonder the pounds mount up.

As one reaches middle age or more, food quantity needs to be reduced. Start by cutting back a tad. What, a tad? What is that, you ask? Well, you decide. In simple terms, just cut back a bit and later a bit more. Less trips to Costco sample tables. No buffets. Cut back on the bottomless fries at Red Robin. I don’t think you need to make a big deal of it. Don’t make is stressful. Just start eating a little less. This will help. Start the transition to senior portions.

Second, many of us are somewhat less active during the winter. It might be dark when you go to work and dark when you come home. There, that is simple and so is the answer—mooov. That’s right, move around more. This is not instead of regular exercise at the gym. If you are not exercising at the gym, you need to get that under way as well. Quit complaining about having to go upstairs. In fact, if you do happen to have stairs, climb them for ten minutes, or so. If you don’t have stairs, find some. Stairs are a vigorous activity. Set a pace and go. Find other activities and stop being so lazy. Take your breaks at work to climb stairs, or a similarly vigorous activity. Take the elevator part way and walk the rest. Don’t sit for too long. Get up and Mooov!

Now that summer is over and fall is upon us, I find myself with less weight than any time I can remember in many years. In fact, from my heaviest last winter I have managed to reduce by 24 pounds. We shall see what happens in the coming weeks. Thanksgiving in Canada is getting close. Stay tuned.