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This photo is a bit haunting. I like it, not because it is grey, dull and haunting, but because of what it reminds me of. Let’s take a trip in the semi-circle of this little bay. This is a public beach in a well populated place. On a warm summer day, there would be many boats. A small yacht club is just to the left. There would also be scores of people on the beach, many would be swimming. Even more amazing is that this was taken at Ambleside beach in West Vancouver looking toward the Lions Gate suspension bridge and the port and city of Vancouver. None of this is visible, but hidden deep in the mist.

The composition of this shot is interesting, beginning at the bottom with the rocky sea wall, moving to a sandy beach protected and interrupted by some breakwaters to hold the man-placed sand. These are also storm drains to take rain water into the sea. The curve of the beach take one eye around, exploring the various items, along a very nice looking beach with trees in the background, ending on a rocky point with something sticking up on it. It is an native carving. Most of the shot is grey, dull water and sky. The sand has a hint of brown and with it some warmth. I find the overall colour interesting. The whole photo is the colour of sand.

The scene looks still, lifeless, even dead. No wind, no waves. But wait, there are signs of life. As I said, this is a very busy place and if one looks closely, there are people on the beach. Along where the trees are is a parking lot. Beyond the point is a dog park. So, one’s eye is taken from rocks to sand to rocks again and, left in the grey mist, and one must wonder what the place is like on a nice sunny day.