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This cabin is so old it seems to barely be standing, perhaps even dead. Might it collapse at any moment?

I love these sorts of old buildings. When I see an old barn in a field, ready to fall over, I wonder about the history of it. What was it like when it was new? How old is it? What is holding up now? Why hasn’t it fallen over? Isn’t it dangerous to go inside? Questions like these always run through my mind. There is always something about the colour of the old wood. Some structures have a greyer colour, yet, there is usually a contrast of colours against the surroundings.

Here, the cabin has a warmth, as if, yes, it can still be a place of shelter and protection. It seems to be inviting someone to come to it. Even though it is old and dead looking, it is surrounded by life with the green grass, trees and the blue sky. It speaks of hope. I like the patterns the clouds make. One cloud even looks like a rain cloud, therefore, the cabin might be needed for shelter after all. So, the clouds are hope, hope that the cabin might once again be useful again.

In composing the shot, I wanted to make sure that the tree was visible and plenty of sky and green grass. I also wanted the shadow to add some weight to the left side. What is the shadow saying here? Perhaps, that there are often shadows over places, but, they seldom cover everything. If the shadow were from a cloud, it would probably be softer. No, the shadow is cast by something nearby. Is it the tree, reminding us that it is there to help protect the cabin?

Overall, I find the scene, pleasing to view, friendly and warm, despite the shadow and the oldness of the wood. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.