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It seemed that this year I was not going to be doing a turkey on my rotisserie for Thanksgiving. That was until my wife decided to stop in at Thrifty’s to have a look at the turkey breasts. They were pretty expensive, but just over to the right, we saw whole turkeys. Even they were expensive, at least compared to the ones we buy in the US. Further to the right, we were surprised to find more whole turkeys for less than half price. They were the same as the ones to the left, but previously frozen It was a deal.

We have rushed home and managed to get it on the BBQ at 5:10. I am expecting to be ready by about 8:30 or 9:00. I will write this as I go and add a photo. I’ll also try to get a batch of photos on my photoblog.

Last night we went to my brother-in-laws home for dinner. There as a turkey there that had been cooked in some sort of clay pot on a BBQ. It was fantastic. There were also a lot of kids and babies, including the twins, who I had not seen for a couple of months and who are now nine months old. It was a great traditional dinner.

Tonight, we are probably going to have turkey with just the three of us, me, Patti and Malcolm. My preparation is simple. I just put olive oil, salt and pepper on the inside and outside.


13 October, 2013 6:45 PM

It has been just over an hour and a half and the birdie is pretty and brown. Coming along fine. I am doing the mashed potatoes now. It is difficult to know just how much longer it might take. Sure it is brown and looks like it is getting close, however, I know that if I stick the thermometer in, it will show that there is a long way to go. I try not to get to eager to take the temperature because it means poking into the skin and that can let some juices out..

A few other notes. It is important to get the truss the turkey tightly. I find that the weight can shift and it cooks. Get it carefully balanced on the spit and test is often to make sure it is able to turn easily. I take the motor off periodically and turn with my fingers as a test. Oh, you might want to invest in a powerful motor. I ruined the 4 watt original motor, so I bought a 9 watt Weber. Even with more power, I have to be careful.

It took about around 4 hours to cook. I almost forgot to take more photos. Make sure you check out PhotoBlog by Bob to see a few more shots.