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I was driving home the other day and saw that there was one of those fantastic fall sunsets that had to be captured. I decided to drive up to the Salmon House on the Hill, a restaurant in West Vancouver that has a great vantage point on their deck.

With my camera in Manual Mode, I began to shoot and experiment with the exposure. Sunsets can be so bright against the darkening sky that it can be difficult to get the light meter to give a reasonable reading. In the old days of film, we had to guess. In digital, it is possible to try every possible exposure, until the sun sets.

Here is the first shot:


As you can see, it is quite dark, yet with a nice warm glow. It is not what the scene looked like. I moved around to find other ways to frame the scene. Eventually, I ended up with this shot, which I debated with myself whether to show here:


There are some other ways to shoot a scene like this. One day I will have a flash with me that can light the foreground. Another method would be to use HDR (high dynamic range) photography to shoot several frames each at a different exposure and then combine them later. On second thought, I like this, the last shot.

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