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The online world of social media is a noisy place. As I step from my cozy blog out into the world of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others, in fact the entire world wide web, it feels like I have stepped from my cozy home, out into the bustling busy streets of a major city, or a market, or a mall.

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I am not necessarily new to the world of social media, however, recently I have begun to make a more concerted effort to develop my writing and that has meant learning to find my way around in the giant technojungle of social media out there that I only poked around in previously. This week, I remarked to someone that, it is like landing in Disneyland without a map and, having seen something, trying to find it again. Good thing there is the Google monorail I can get on and ride around to get an overhead view to find things.


But I have to do it. I have to peddle my wares, that is what I have been writing about, and I have to look for interesting ideas to fuel my writing. It is about developing my product and marketing or promoting it.

Thus, I am now spending copious numbers of hours, sifting the bags of E-mail I get from Following discussions, following links to more articles to read, Liking, tweeting, commenting, gathering ideas to write about and, squeezing in a bit of focused writing when I can.

It’s a strange new world for me, not that I’m new to it, mind you, I’m just working in it more now than I have been.