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With a quick hello 2014, I’ll tell you a bit about what I am up to around here and what I think I am planning for the near future. Plans can change, of course.

During the weeks prior to Christmas, I was working on increasing my social media footprint. I began to work the various facilities for social online networking and found it to be extremely time consuming. I was reading and ‘liking’ and commenting. It is impossible to keep up, so I became a bit choosier about what I read and responded to. Still, it was overwhelming.

If you take a close look at the amount of information flowing toward you and filter it down to what really matters to you, I’ll bet you will still find that you are dealing with a lot of noise. What I mean by noise, I plan to write a bit more about in the near future. In short, it is information that is not really very important. It may be time limited by being outdated with newer information. It may not be clear and concise and therefore full of noise. To be blunt, it is disposable—quite simply garbage. What matters, the valuable signal, that is message, is hidden or even lost in a quagmire of info-muck that we can truly become stuck in. Is noise now the message?

What is needed is focus. This is what I hope I have been able to do here with my blog. I try to write, in a clear and, hopefully, concise manner, about important meaningful things that you should think about. I try to write in a way that is easy to read and not too complex or technical. Usually, I write about that which I have given to considerable thought myself. I may make points that come with a bit of an edge. Please take them into consideration and make a comment.

What has emerged in my wiring over the years, is a concern for how technology is changing our lives. Thus, you may have noticed a bit more of a focus lately to the mandate of this blog. Check the top of the sidebar. Oh, I’m sure I will sneak in many other notions along the way.

I have plenty of articles planned. My list is long. It will take some excellent time management to get to as many of my ideas as I can. To do this, I shall have to turn down the volume and increase my noise filter. One can easily be dragged into the vortex of swirling noisy information out there. My hope is that you will find reading this blog to be quiet and thought provoking.

A couple of final bits of news. To add a stronger foundation to my focus of how changing culture and technology touch our lives and our humanity, I am working on writing an academic paper based on transformative learning theory. I have also been encouraged to develop portions of myBobLog into a book. That is probably down the road a bit.