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C’mon folks! I wanted to follow-up on the Grohl story by watching the related videos. I understand the need for advertising revenue, but to play the same ad at the beginning and end of each clip and to have the final clip repeat over and over is foolish. I have watched the same ad well over a dozen times—and Viagra at that! In one of the videos, a mention is made that 60 Minutes is a “family show.” I would not have wanted my kids (when they were young) to have to watch a beautiful woman talk about erections. I don’t think this ad is even appropriate for the 60 Minutes program. I will never buy Viagra and I may never return to the 60 Minutes Overtime website videos again, since I might get assaulted by the repetition of the same ad as I did tonight. Get real! This is not advertising, it is a waste of time and resources, not to mention, I found it offensive.