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The other day, I ran across a video I had not seen for years of Billie Holiday on a TV show with a band of the greatest. It is a real classic, but is only part of a full hour-long TV show from 1957. It never occurred to me to go look for the entire show. So, tonight I did and what a treasure. The Holiday part is somewhere in the middle.

It is a great intersection of jazz and blues and the vehicles bring elements of many types of jazz and blues from so many eras going back to the beginnings. There is a heavy leaning on the Kansas City and Chicago styles. I particularly like the way the cameras caught the musicians at their best, both playing and enjoying each other playing and from very artistic angles. Keep in mind, the cameras in those early days were huge bulky things on wheels and shots from above were done with cameras on special cranes. The equipment was not easily moved around for various shots and the cables must have been huge too. It doesn’t get much better than this from 1957.

Note: There are a couple of versions on YouTube. I chose one that has an extra segment on the end.