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Many of you know, quite a few of you certainly won’t, that I spent several years growing my hair very long to donate to a cancer patient who has lost their hair due to chemotherapy treatments. Cancer is a serious epidemic in our society. It touches the lives of everybody we know in some way. You either have cancer, had cancer, or know someone who has, or had it. Both my brother-in-laws are dealing with cancer, one for over 20 years. A long-time friend of our family has cancer. My friend and I just today called another friend who is lying in bed with cancer, and yesterday I talked with a friend whose husband is going through treatment. Tonight I send this letter out as 14 years ago today my wife’s sister died from cancer. Many years ago, my father died from cancer of the lymph nodes. Cancer is everywhere.

Well I am sick of it and I am doing something about it!!!!

Cancer here, cancer there, cancer everywhere. It has to end! You can help.

Please take about fifteen minutes to read the story about my project, look at my photos, watch my hair donation movie, hear me play my cornet with my band, and then get really generous and donate to either the BC Cancer Foundation (BCCF) or the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation (BCCHF) — Wigs For Kids, or better still, do both.

I’m using one of my personal E-mail accounts for this rather than the BCCF E-mail system, so I trust you will all treat this E-mail with the respect it deserves. My part is done with the sending of E-mails.

I hope that you will pass this along to as many people as you can. In other words, I’m counting on you forwarding this to all your connections. Let’s raise some serious funds for research and make a big difference.

Thank you!!!!

Click the link below to get to my website with links to the foundations’ donations pages.


If you have already received an E-mail from me, or one of my cards handed to you personally, forgive me.

If you have already donated, I thank you so very much!

PS— I was talking to a friend today who has had cancer four times. Yikes!!!! Unbelievable!!!!