myBobLog [just off the top of my head] is my attempt to do a bit of writing. I have made attempts several times over the years, however, I always get my fingers caught in the technology. I have tried hosting my blog on my own computer. Thus, I am familiar with WordPress and other content management systems (CMSs), but, I have never moved my content along for any period of time. When I should have been working on content, I ended up messing around with the back end of the system.

This time around, I am more focused on saying something, hopefully interesting and perhaps even important. Along the way, I may rant or simply be curious, and I will usually ask some questions, so please weigh in with your ten cents worth (inflation).

I should be clear about how my blog is taking shape. The best way to describe it is ‘just off the top of my head.’ That means, I am not planning to do a lot of research, you will have to pay attention and catch me on any inaccuracies. Feel free to correct me or ask me for more information. If I do end up doing some research, I shall make note of my source(s), as I have in my past journalism and academic writing.

Next, when I write, I try to get it right as I go and find that I do not make many changes when I edit. My editing practice for most posts, other than short entries, is to write, read, edit, read later, edit, publish. For longer entries, I may add one or even two more rereads. Most of the posts originate in Mariner’s MacJournal and are sent directly. Then I may make adjustments in WordPress.

Finally, most entries are turning out to be text only. For some, I have included my own photography or included photos from the Internet. I am trying to minimize the number of photos I grab from the Internet because of possible copyright infringement. So far, I have not been concerned about this as my blog is free, I make no money from it, and has a very, I repeat, very, small readership. If you would like to see more photos and graphics, let me know and I will try to oblige.

I’m not sure where myBobLog is going. When I do know, I may change this About entry, as I have already done twice. For now, I am going to to try to steer clear of all the technical aspects of blogging and computers and just make some content. I am also hosting some of my photography on Flickr.

Let me know what you think, make some comments, and stay tuned.

Thank you,

Bob Grahame

July 21, 2011

I have just started a new blog to host some of my photography. Please visit PhotoBlog by Bob.


I am at it again—making a semi-new start. Actually this is a building up and on top of my ongoing efforts to blog. Blogging has become less important in this age of varieties of social media. I don’t like Facebook. It is just too much and very complex. When I want to write, I want to write. If I want to display my photography, or any of my other endeavours, I want them on my terms and I want to be able to give them my personality. Facebook is a sort of McDonalds—not very satisfying and you are still hungry when you leave.

With this iteration of myBobLog I have decided to take a look at developing it into more than just a blog. WordPress is a full content management system, but still stands as the best blog platform. It will take some while to get things in good order, if that ever happens. I say this because we humans are messy and always changing and trying things. Another reason, as may discover by exploring and hitting the myPlaces menu, I have many activities going on. Count, I have six WordPress blogs for various major external projects. I am working on a book, running jazz bands and hoping I can one day get back to my photography.

March 21, 2017

About version 3.

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