I have two health concerns bothering me everyday and a third minor one.

First, I have battled Essential Tremor (ET) for all my life. It caused me great embarrassment and interfered with my becoming a better trumpet player. I used to try to hide it, but now tell people who, unfortunately reply, “What?” To say that alcohol attenuates tremors is simply dangerous, at least it was for me. I survive having quit in 1983. I’ll leave you to count the years and imagine the near-death experinces and blackouts I had. It is progressive and today is quite a struggle. I may get into this further. Drugs do not seem to help me much, and the stronger ones give me unbearable side effects. There are no drugs currently available particularly aimed at this condition, so the ones usually prescribed are for other diseases and conditions. Two brain surgeries are available, however, I am hyper sensitive, so having electrodes and a pacemaker device, or frying a portion of my Thalimus with ultrasound, do not appeal to me and carry certain dangers, some that are irreversible.

Second, is Tinnitus. You may have heard of this as it is better known and also known as ringing in the ears. This condition has developed over the past twenty years, or so. I may have acquired this condition from several means. One might be holding a crying baby over my left shoulder. Another, might be from various drugs I have used over the years to deal with my ET. Another consideraion resonated in my mind is that it either came on, or increased, as a result of Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) from cellphone technologies and Wi-Fi. I don’t know for sure because, unlike ET which I have had pretty much all my life and is usually hereditary, Tinnitus can have a multitude of causes.

Third, is Patella-femoral syndrome which causes me pain in my right knee everyday. This, although painful and a nuance, is not as debilitating as the other two conditions.

The above is an outline of my health conditions that I may write about in the future. Indeed, they do truly need support for research.