It’s a hairolding experience

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This page is about my spur of the moment decision to grow my hair long and then donate it to cancer patients.

You can help by donating on my BC Cancer Foundation Personal Fundraising page.

Please don’t hesitate in making your donation decision. As you can see from the photos, I am getting close to the chopping block. The idea is to probably be light headed for Springtime.

Here is the story:

As my 60th birthday approached, my wife observed that my hair was getting a little long. She made an offer. She would take me to her hairdresser to get it tidied up as a birthday present. I was, admittedly, looking a bit like a shaggy dog. After a few snips, I looked on the floor and remarked, “Hmmm… nice looking hair for 60.” The hairdresser’s reply, “If you had a foot of it, you could donate it.” Without further thought, I said, “That sounds like a great idea, I’ll do it.”

This wasn’t as simple as I thought. In the months to come, I would have to endure a bit of hardship.

My foot of hair will be turned into a wig for a cancer patient having lost their hair through chemotherapy.

OK you folks, I’m doing my part, so you can do yours—DONATE!

The continuing story:

I would need at least a foot long and longer if I wanted some hair left to style. I never considered the months I would have to endure my hair flopping in my face because it was not long enough to tie back. My kids, young adults, suggested a man bun. Absolutely not, was my return on that one. My daughter kept wanting to braid it and successfully did while I was preoccupied. I attended a wedding with a head band and endured being called Willie Nelson, Bijorn Borg, Tonto, etc.

My hair did finally get long enough to make a ponytail, which I fastened nervously at first, however, I quite like it now. It has been a year and a half at the time of writing this and I may be getting close. The first hairdresser has left the salon and I saw a master designer who explained a bit more of the process to me. My wife now has a new hair dresser at the same place and this hairdresser has some experience with hair donation.

I was getting nervous, almost shocked at the amount of hair that was coming out when I washed or brushed. I was making rough calculations in my head and beginning to worry that I would have little left to donate in the end. I was reassured that the human head can lose 50 to 80 strands of hair each day. The good news is that new hair grows as the old hair is lost. That is why I would need extra length. Some hair, the newer hair, would be behind and thus shorter. Without growing the extra, only a portion of my hair would be usable. Apparently, I am on target and getting close to cutting it off.

Thank you for reading this. My hope is that you will consider helping with a donation now.